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Forestry Mulcher Posi-track – Wet Hire

Forestry Mulcher Posi-track Wet Hire – Melbourne, Victoria.

Forestry Mulcher Posi-track Wet Hire - Melbourne, Victoria.
Forestry Mulcher Posi-track Wet Hire – Melbourne, Victoria.


Time to Clear


So you have decided it is time to clear out some of your property and begin re capturing the yard that has been over ran with grape vines and pepper trees. Now you are and are beginning to research YouTube videos on how to clear underbrush. You stumbled across this machine called a forestry mulcher and now want to know; should you and can you rent one, or should you hire this job out. You lean towards renting, but the machine looks ominous and you are just uncertain. So you set out with your machete and chainsaw and begin the attack. 2 weeks later you are back researching this forestry mulcher machine, but are hesitant to move forward. So you continue the attack, but to no avail. Everything chopped yesterday has grown back, and quite frankly, you don’t have enough life span to finish the job.

Our tracked machines allow us to access difficult, narrow, steep or wet terrain efficiently and with safety in mind. In wet conditions, these machines are more resistant to slipping and sliding over mud.

A big and powerful 110 HP rubber track machine which has the ability to operate on soft sand, mud, and steep inclines etc. With an impressive hydraulic high flow of 153 l/min @ 3480 psi this machine has the ability to operate where standard wheel skid steer bobcats cannot go. Our Posi-Track TL12 unit has the perfect set up for forestry work with mulching attachment, slasher attachment and more if you want?

Great for residential and commercial acreage that needs weeds and small trees cleared quickly and effectively. Also perfect for landscaping material placement. Rubber tracks make for low impact traction to save driveways and other damageable surfaces.

We can assist on projects involving forestry mulching services in combination with any of the following, even if difficult conditions are present:

  • Commercial and acreage forestry mulching
  • Firebreaks 
  • Weed Control & Lantana Removal
  • Land Clearing
  • Fence line clearing
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