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Tree Removal, Arborist Services, Pruning, Chipper Work and Stump Grinding

Tree Removal, Arborist Services, Pruning, Chipper Work and Stump Grinding.

Tree Removal, Arborist Services, Pruning, Chipper Work and Stump Grinding in Point Cook – Highly experienced tree removal specialists. Servicing Melbourne, Geelong, Point Cook, Sanctuary Lakes, Seabrook, Hoppers Crossing, Laverton, Ballarat, Melton, Daylesford, Wyndham Vale, Werribee, Bacchus Marsh,  Williamstown, Altona, Port Melbourne and other surrounding western suburbs including chipper hire to Tasmania.

When To Remove a Tree?

  • Unsafe due to structural problems.
  • Weakened by termites or disease.
  • A tree damaged by storm.
  • Construction of new buildings is commencing.
  • Tree is leaning.
  • If the tree has a rotten trunk.
  • The tree is located under power lines.
Are you looking for high quality and affordable Tree Removal services in and around Point Cook? Look no further! We offer the best quality Tree Removal services near you at affordable prices.


$1015 per day, plus fuel – Wet Hire.
Stump grinders use a rotating cutting disc to chip away at tree stumps to below ground level.
With a focus on ease-of-operation, the compact design of the tracked large stump grinder offers intuitive controls, providing one control for each track and a joystick to control the cutting head. This user-friendly handle system provides additional capacitance sensing capability and is intended to help protect the operator.
The tracks provide excellent maneuverability over rough terrain, allowing the operator to easily transport the unit to and from the worksite and perfect to use after Tree Removal.

       CHIPPER – 15″ (380MM)

Chipper Hire Vermeer BC1500
Chipper Hire Vermeer BC1500
$970 per day, plus fuel – Wet Hire.
The Vermeer BC1500 brush chipper uses a precision-balanced 22.5-in (57.2-cm) drum with two 5-in x 8-in (12.7-cm x 20.3-cm) A8 double-sided knives to chip through material up to 15 in (38.1 cm).
The BC1500 can handle the toughest of material with ease.


Boom Lift Trailer Wet Hire
Boom Lift Trailer Wet Hire
$820 per day – Wet Hire.
A versatile work platform with near vertical jib positioning. Features narrow access, proportional lift, swing and drive controls. This boom lift/cherry picker has a 10.28m maximum platform height and a 6.06m maximum horizontal outreach.
Husqvarna 592XP
Husqvarna 592XP
When removing a tree, you need experts who can remove the tree safely and thoroughly, including its roots and stumps – leaving your property clean and ready for use. Along with that, our teams of tree surgeons are skilled climbers and hence cut the trees in the safest way possible without harming your property.
As a professional tree removal specialist, we have all the proper equipment that our team requires to remove a tree safely, and in a time-efficient manner. Whether the tree is in a narrow driveway, close to your home or in an open area, we have all the equipment required to make the whole operation secure and seamless.
Accidents happen, and third-party property or the arborists’ own equipment might be damaged. Injuries, disabilities, and even death can occur in quite grave circumstances.
Clean And Tidy
Our service is prompt, and we never leave a mess. After we have removed the tree, we will sweep up the rubbish and take away the debris keeping the area clean. If you need to have some earthen residue removed from around the roots of the tree, we can provide this also.
We guarantee your satisfaction with our work. In fact if you are unhappy with our work for any reason, we will come back and re-do the job free of charge.

Land Clearing Melbourne

So Good Handyman Services offers professional land clearing and vegetation management services in Melbourne.

You may want to clear a site for many reasons:

  • Fire hazard abatement
  • Building projects
  • Re-establishment of original habitat or gardens

We can aid you to prepare any site for any works proposed. Provide the complete service, removal of trees, scrub, and stumps. And can mulch all vegetation which can be retained on-site or removed. No job is too big! Call So Good Handyman Services for all your site clearance requirements.

Aspects that can affect the cost of tree removal

  • If trees carry bigger limbs that could probably fall on your house or closer to that of your area, there could be an increase in the price as more effort would be required to perform the tree removal.
  • If trees have grown in such a way that they are located near the power lines, more skilled manpower and equipment have to be used which could lead to an increase in the cost.
  • The tree that is to be removed is located on any public property such as a sidewalk or street, the cost rate will be a bit higher than the normal cost.
  • You are a resident of a ‘community property’, the charge will be a bit more expensive than usual.
  • Tree removal along with stump removal, will cost more than a flat tree removal service.
Tree Pruning

Factors Considered Before Pruning a Tree

Careful inspection of a tree

While trimming a tree certainly has its benefits, trimming it without mapping the trim’s impact on the tree’s overall health can send the tree into shock and harm its future growth.

Remove dead and weak branches

A tree’s health and appearance are negatively affected by dead branches. It’s also possible for dead and weak branches to break and fall at any time. Also, trees with crossed branches tend to have a reduction in light and airflow. Therefore, it is crucial to cut off the dead branches of trees as soon as possible.

Follow 1/3 rule of pruning

Whenever pruning is done, approximately 1/3 of wood needs to be cut. This moderate tree pruning technique promotes new growth in a balanced manner. Most of the stems are lost on the top section, allowing more light and air into the flower. This pruning technique keeps the foliage and nutrients in balance & helps the plant heal faster.

Prune your trees with sharp tools

It is necessary always to prune your trees with sharp tools. This helps in easy pruning and does not lead to any fatal complications.

Balancing Aesthetics & Safety

A tree situated within human habitation should be periodically audited for safety in normal and extreme weather conditions, such as storms. Along with protection, our team of arborists at Same Day Tree Works, ensures that the tree retains its aesthetic aspects, even after pruning.

Time to prune trees

Pruning summer-blooming trees in early spring is a great idea. Whereas you need to prune hedges and evergreen trees in early summer. A good time to prune fruit trees is late winter. However, it is possible to prune a tree at any time during the year if it is infected, diseased or dead.

Don’t cover pruning wounds

Painting the wounds of a tree will make it look better. However, a paint job will not affect decay. But it is possible to spread tree diseases and pests by painting over wounds on trees. Therefore, it is better not to worry about painting the pruned area and leave it as it is. With our tree pruning services, we can encourage trees to grow in a way that is both healthy and enduring. With shade trees, our services can also be used to design green structures that allow you to achieve maximum cover without blocking sunlight completely.
As well, So Good Handyman Services pruning process can be used to control botanical privacy screens or hedges within your garden so that visual barriers are kept within the garden, but no space is lost to natural growth.
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